Sonoma Ranch West

Spread across hills and desert expanses following I-25, Sonoma West is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Las Cruces. Stimulated by main roads Roadrunner, Lohman, and Sonoma Ranch itself, the area is both easy to get to and to travel from. There are plenty of amenities in between spanning from medical to commercial, while recreational areas include the Sonoma Ranch Golf Course and the Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Part of what makes Sonoma West so special is that the smaller suburbs are tucked away from the main drags, using a mixture of natural geography and clever planning to keep homes accessible but also private. There are also so many of these smaller neighborhoods within that variety is hardly an issue and options are ample for established housing. With calm neighborhoods and close proximity to a number of schools, this is an excellent area for raising your children, but there are also activities and comforts for people of all ages.