88005 | Las Cruces Zip Codes

88005 is best known as home to the Mesilla area, but it also includes the western half of the downtown Las Cruces area. This zip code features large lots to grow into and houses with histories behind them, proving that spanning the hearts of two towns, there is a place to call home. Places of interest include the Mesilla Plaza and the Basilica of San Albino, as well as the Las Cruces Railroad Museum and local businesses like wineries, restaurants, and art galleries.


Included areas:

  • Rasaf Hills
  • Pajaro Area (South Valley)
  • Mesilla Area
  • Barker Rd Area
  • Mesilla Park South
  • Glendale Gardens

Parts of:

  • Shalem Colony
  • Motel Blvd
  • Valley View
  • Crescent Park Area
  • Stahmanns