88001 | Las Cruces Zip Codes

Alive with the history of Las Cruces past, present, and future, the neighborhoods in the 88001 zip code surround the downtown area of the city. Homeowners in this area can enjoy easy access to Las Cruces Museums which feature art, natural science, and local history, the Meerscheidt Recreational Center, as well as local restaurants and the weekly Farmer’s and Crafts Market. This area is accessible to every other part of town, made simple by its location off such major city roads as Lohman, Amador, and Picacho.

Included areas:

  • Country Club
  • Loma Heights
  • Downtown
  • Hermosa Heights
  • Bellamah
  • University Hills
  • Parts of:
    • University Park
    • Crescent Park Area
    • Valley View
    • Tortugas
    • SE Mesa Park